MHS Band Commitment Form

By signing up for band and color guard, your child has committed to this activity for an entire school year. 


             I understand that my child’s participation and course grade as a member is based on their active participation in scheduled rehearsals, sectionals, and events; as well as their preparedness due to home practice, and positive attitude. 


I further understand, that as my child is a member of a visible, active organization; that I will do my best to ensure my child is prepared for rehearsal through enforcing their home practice, and ensuring that they have all necessary items and equipment to fully participate in band. I will do my best to be sure to COMMUNICATE with my child early and often so as to be aware of the activities on their schedule as it pertains to their work in the MHS Bands. I also understand that if my child were to miss rehearsals or other scheduled band activities that their grade, and position as a member will be in jeopardy. I understand that all members of the MHS Bands are required to participate in all fundraisers in order to continue the many opportunities for unique educational experiences found in the band. I FULLY understand that all band DONATIONS, tour COSTS, fundraiser money, and any other money paid to the MHS Band Program is nonrefundable for any reason. I understand that the aforementioned fees are held in the student’s name by the MHS Band Program or Band Boosters, and is not the student’s personal spending money. I also understand that future meetings, concerts, and performances may be scheduled which do not appear on the calendar; and that my child will be responsible to attend and perform in those events.