MHS Instrument Rental Request Form

I. The student/parent agrees to:

  1. Fully pay $75.00 for issuance and usage of a Manor ISD Band Instrument(s).

  2. Fully pay Manor ISD for any loss of damages to the property, including but not limited to things such as cracks (woodwinds), dents (brass instruments), new drum heads (percussion), bent rods (woodwinds), etc.

  3. Surrender at any time to any Manor ISD official the issued property, with no refund of the original amount, for any of the following reasons:

a. the student is no longer enrolled or considered to be a member of a instrumental music course/class

b. the issued property has been or is in imminent danger of being mistreated and/or damaged due to improper use or treatment

c. the issued property is not, in the opinion of the instrumental music instructor(s),being used by the student to further or enhance educational objectives


II. Manor ISD agrees to:

  1. Provide equipment that is in playable and/or usable condition;

  2. Repair property listed below when needed due to normal wear as determined by the instrumental music instructor(s).


III. This contract is valid only for the current school year. In the event, an additional instrument must be issued to a band member a fee of $30.00

must be paid for the usage of the band instrument.


IV. Instrument Usage Fee:

Woodwind and Brass Instruments: $75.00

Percussionist: $75.00