Smart Music is a tool to assist the student to improve their musicianship, through an interactive experience while completing individualized practice.  Smart Music is a technology that is proven, tried, and true. Manor High School Band Members students are required to complete issued musical home practice assignments using this technology. Here is some information to make your use of Smart Music a pleasant accountability process. 

The information in the Practice Analysis is populated after 24 hours. SmartMusic starts tracking practice time as soon as the individual begins to play or the record button is clicked.

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Band members will be graded on completed assignments issued through 

Smart Music. 

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SmartMusic assesses accuracy of both pitch and rhythm in the student's performance and automatically provides an Assessment Grade. In the music, green noteheads indicate that the correct pitch was played at the correct time. Red noteheads indicate incorrect timing or pitch. The vertical placement of a red notehead on the staff indicates the pitch that was played. 

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